Bannerman!!! The Music and Testimony of John"Bannerman" Barron E-mail
Friday, 04 March 2011 19:29

Bannerman!!! The Music and Testimony of John "Bannerman" Barron

Today's program features the personal testimony and recorded original inspirational music by "Bannerman!!!" host, John Barron. Several songs are included, including selections from his latest CD double album, "Omnipresence," a musical work he hopes to finish before the 2011 Christmas season. Many of the songs were performed by various members of his immediate family, including, Johanne Barron on vocals, Llana Barron on vocals and keyboard, and Natania on guitar and vocals. Additional music can be heard for free on the music/jukebox section of this website. Please listen and enjoy this labor of love! With love and blessings, your host, John Barron.



John Barron

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