Bannerman!!! "Introduction to Corruption 101, Pt.1" E-mail
Thursday, 22 September 2011 19:10

 Bannerman!!! Welcomes you to your personal "Introduction to Corruption, 101, Part One."

As corruption spreads throughout the world, it seems increasingly difficult to find love, honesty, faithfulness, kindness and truth anywhere. What causes this? What does the bible say about corruption? Are we all corrupt, or at least in danger of succumbing to the pollution of the soul which surrounds us? Bannerman host John Barron throws light on this dark subject and offers us hope through a faith which will not disappoint. Come, listen in!


 Hello, friends, this is your host, John Barron. I simply want to thank you for listening in on WLPV, FM Radio, and/or streaming audio, and for your cards, emails, Facebook posts, calls and prayers for healing and encouragement. My healing from open heart surgery has been swifter than the doctors expected and I am feeling better today than I have felt in over a year! I always pray this podcast will encourage you in your faith; in this case, your kindness and faith has encouraged me! Thank you, and glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. May He bless you richly! Love, John Barron