Radio Host John "Bannerman" Barron

Welcome to Jbannerman.com! This is the home of much of the work and play by the musician and radio/pod cast host, John Barron.

Hi, this is John “Bannerman” Barron, host of the Bannerman podcast/radio program and an active ministry leader in North Carolina. This website is a result of multimedia production I’ve been involved with over the last several years. Please enjoy the articles, music, podcasts, and videos and be sure to listen to WLPV streaming audio at:


Bannerman broadcasts are at 8AM Mondays and 5AM Wednesdays on streaming audio, and can also be selected from our 'Podcast" menu at this site.
My music section plays a selection of some of my favorite original tunes including my newest pieces from "Omnipresence, and "The Greatest Commandment.""  
If you have any comments, or prayer and charity needs, please post them through my email contact site on the top of the home page menu. 
Enjoy! God bless,  John Barron